Off the grid power plants… Yes you can …

These days the phrase” money is power “is true… its is.. and while it can’t buy you love… maybe you can rent it for a few hours (sorry really bad movie joke there). Power is what makes the world go around and you really can make your own power at home. There are plenty of options that are now available to the general public that makes installing a solar, wind, or water powered system perfectly feasible and affordable. Hybrid systems are the best way to go as you don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket as the old saying goes when setting up a home power system. But living off the grid is becoming more popular and easier to do, with technology today you can power your home even if your miles away from power lines.

Solar is one of the easiest ways to go as the panels are simple to understand and install, once you have them mounted, wiring them into a central unit to charge your batteries is not hard. Just remember to label your wiring and take your time and do it right. Getting the right sized inverter is key however so find out how much load your home is going to pull and then do the math and find a unit that can handle your load plus twenty percent. Your inverter is going to cost you the most so find a good one that will give you some wiggle room and get it.

Wind is also simple now as well, you can purchase flagpoles that telescope, or set up stands that have a pin mount at the base and set up a rope system that allows you to mount a wind powered generator at a height that catches a good wind at any given time. Then run your wiring back to a central base where you tie in all your power systems outputs. This in turn is linked to your battery banks that will hold the charge your panels or turbines produce. This battery bank is in turn connected to a power inverter that changes DC current (which batteries produce and use ) over to AC current which is what most home appliance  are designed for. This may sound complicated but it’s really not that difficult. There are plenty of websites that offer you services that let you put in what you use (i.e. Tv’s, lights, AC units, heaters exc.) and they will tell you what size inverter you need and how many and what type of batteries you will require for your needs.
Now if you are fortunate enough to have running water on your land, there are water powered generators as well. These tend to more expensive and require a bit more maintenance and upkeep as they can become fouled by trash, leaves and silt dirt. But never waste a potential power source and if you have access to it, try and use it.


Even if you live in the city you still have your roof space that you can use to mount solar panels on, or a wind turbine (my god how many damn satilte dishes are on people’s home??) these panels however can pay for themselves in the first year alone depending on what type you invest in and how much sunlight your geographic area gets. You can also get a tax write off to help offset the cost of installing them. You should also contact your local power supply company as you will need a separate meter installed to measure how much energy your producing so THEY can pay you for it.

Power is worth money and if you are making it then you should be paid for it. You get a power bill each month right? Well wouldn’t it be nice to get a check for what your panels, turbines or water turbine brings in. You will have to invest some money to get a full system set up, and if you adjust your power usage you will come out ahead. Start out small and work your way up to whole home conversion, also always keep a gas generator on hand as an emergency back up. So get out there and do your home work and see what you can do with what you have, you might be surprised.


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